Our Story


Hi, I’m Alessandra Crowe the creator of The Crowe’s and its recipes. I was born in Brazil and I have been living in UK for the last 18years.

The Crowe’s is a family business run by myself and my husband Michael and my two sons, who get involved in quite a few things too.

The Crowe’s was born in a small kitchen in London, when a friend gave us a bag full of different types of chillies from his back garden; with so much chilli in the fridge, I thought to create a chilli sauce that would add taste to my food not just the heat.

As a Brazilian, I’m used to have everything fresh back home, so I came up with my first recipe “Samba Extra Hot”, inspired by my home town cuisine, made with fresh ingredients, heat and lots of flavours. At this time, I was just adding some taste to my own and family dishes.

Then at the last World Cup, through a conversation at our local hairdresser we made a bet; if Brazil would win the World Cup I would cook a Brazilian dish for all of them (6 guys were working there at the time), but if Brazil would lose, I would bring just my chilli sauce as consolation.

Well, Brazil lost the World Cup and I won a business.

My sauce was a success. They ask me to make jars to sell to them and to their clients. Than in a few months I was also selling to friends at my work, my husband’s work and at my children’s school.

Then my 9 years old son, thought that we needed to create a mild version of it, that’s when “Lambada Mild with a kick” was born, through my son’s idea and determination of getting the great balance between flavour, heat and keep the freshness.


Now we are based in Nottingham, selling at our local market, some Artisan Food Festivals and enjoying coming up with new recipes, such as “Capoeira Hot Honey”.

We are passionate about our sauces, they are tasty, full of flavour and unique.

Our aim is to continue growing and give the world an opportunity to try this unique sauce, that makes your taste buds dance for hours!!!